MG Oil 100ml фото
Магниевое масло
MG Oil
MG Oil
MG Oil 100ml фото
Магниевое масло фото
MG Oil фото
MG Oil фото

Magnesium Oil for Body & Hair

100% Pure & Natural Magnesium Oil is a Mg concentrate for everyday use. Magnesium content – 71.5%.
  • RELIEVES MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY by superfast penetration of magnesium ions through skin into your body cells
  • ELIMINATES THE FEELING OF HEAVY LEGS and venous distensibility
  • IMPROVES THE STATE OF HAIR AND NAILS due to proper Calcium uptake
  • ALLEVIATES PAIN IN JOINTS and muscle spasms

✓ Inspired by Magnesium  ✓ Made in Ukraine ✓ GMP Certified Production

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Do you suffer from constant insomnia? Fatigue in legs prevents you from relaxation and sleeping? Are you tortured by migraines or relentless menstrual cramps? If you answered “yes” at least to one of these questions, then it is more than likely that you have magnesium deficiency. And you are not the only one who has this problem. The deficiency of this mineral is influencing most of us more or less. Our body is constantly loosing magnesium, and food products don’t contain enough of it to replenish the deficiency. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to enrich your body with this mineral. It is magnesium oil, or a strong solution of magnesium chloride. In this form magnesium ions penetrate your body cells through your skin very quickly and are adopted by your body by 100%. Nowadays it is the best method of magnesium replenishment.

The oil not only helps to eliminate pain and insomnia, but also improves the state of your skin, hair and nails, strengthens teeth and gums. Magnesium helps to relax and calm down; moreover, it is essential for most of the internal organs and systems. The product’s administration helps to rehabilitate after injuries and fractions by 50-70% quicker. Also it has a powerful anti-cellulite effect due to improving metabolism at the cellular level.

Magnesium Oil is the most concentrated product in MG line. You don’t have to wait for results for months – they will become evident right after the first use. Oil is totally safe and can be used on everyday basis. And due to the convenient spray form it is incredibly easy to use. (The trigger for spray is included only in packaging with the volume of 100 ml).

By rubbing only 1 teaspoon of Magnesium Oil in your skin every day you cover your Recommended Daily Value of magnesium by 100%.

Benefits of Magnesium Oil in comparison with more common magnesium pills:

  • 100% natural
  • 100% assimilation
  • no allergies risk
  • impossible to overdose

Interesting fact! Magnesium Oil feels like oil but from chemical perspective it is a pure magnesium chloride solution that contains in equal proportions molecules of magnesium chloride and hydrated ions of chlorine and magnesium, which are so small that they easily penetrate skin pores.

This product would make a great present for those who want to prolong their youth, strengthen their health and fill their life with pure natural energy.

Purchase Magnesium Oil and start realizing your dream of healthy body today.


    To maintain the proper magnesium level, use oil every day in the morning and/or in the evening.

    • For Body and Tired Legs

      Spray 5 doses on your skin and rub in. Do the same for zones that need additional Mg-enrichment (back, knees, legs, neck). In 20-30 min most of the magnesium ions will penetrate your cells. To reach powerful anti-cellulite effect, apply the product to the places that need correction before workout.

      Wipe out the remainders of the product with a tissue or wash them off with a special body wash.

      For sensitive skin use Magnesium Flakes and Magnesium Lotion as more gentle method of magnesium supplementation.

    • For Hair

      For Scalp: spray on your scalp, dividing hair into locks, rub gently and leave for 20-30 min. Wrap your head with plastic wrap or warm towel. The sensations of light tingling and deep warmth are the evident active action of the mineral. Wash off using your hair care products. If you have hard water in your region, apply your shampoo 2-3 times until your hair feels perfectly clean.

      For Hair: spray and spread over all hair length, leave for 20-30 min. Maximum effectiveness is reached when using warm (wrap your hair in plastic wrap or towel). Wash off with a shampoo. If you have hard water in your region, apply your shampoo 2-3 times until your hair feels perfectly clean. For easy combing apply your favorite hair product on your hair ends.

      In Professional Care: we recommend applying before dyeing and lightening for smoothing hair texture and perfectly even hair tone. Hair styling professionals add 5 doses of oil into ready-to-use mixture. Before dyeing add into alkaline mask, which is applied before the procedure. As a result, you get perfectly even color on repaired and protected hair.

      Use in 7-10 days after lightening before each hair washing. After other types of dyeing, use in 3 days. Light tingling sensation is the evident active action of the mineral components of the oil.

    • For Massage

      Spray the oil on skin, rub in actively at the beginning of the procedure. Continue the massage using your favorite massage product.

      Action: warms gently, improves the microcirculation of blood and lymph. Improves the trophism of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus, reduces pain syndrome by problems with locomotor system. Improves elasticity of skin, muscles and vessels. Restores energy of each body cell, stabilizes nerve conduction.

      For all-inclusive massage and by work-out use special and convenient gel form Magnesium Gel.

    The feeling of slight tingling is a sign of mineral oil components active action!

    For external use only. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, wash them by water. If necessary, seek medical attention.


    Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Magnesium Chloride.

    Contains only natural components.
    Free of preservative, coloring and flavoring agents.

    Made in Ukraine


    Есть проблемы с венозной сеткой, поэтому Магниевое масло – обязательно для меня. Обязательно наношу его на проблемные зоны, когда прохожу курс массажа (иногда до и обязательно после), когда иду на тренировку, когда просто побаливает сустав. Как мне кажется, такая защита работает. Единственный минус – пощипывает, когда есть ранки на коже.


    Для тех, кто ищет действенное средство для роста и укрепления волос-просто шикарная штука!!!! две недели наносила перед каждым мытьем головы. Волосы перестали выпадать и появился здоровый блеск, ушла достававшая жирность. Заказываю всем подружкам на подарок (завидуют уже..)


    Каждую весну и осень “просыпается” мое правое колено, подниматься по ступенькам невозможно, очень болит. Каково же было мое удивление, когда после применения магниевого масла на протяжении 2 дней боль прошла! Я перепробовала множество таблеток и препаратов, а справилось с проблемой только магниевое масло.

    Анна К.
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