MG Gel Sport 150ml фото
MG Gel Sport
MG Gel Sport
MG Gel
MG Gel Sport 150ml фото
MG Gel Sport фото
MG Gel Sport
MG Gel

Magnesium Gel for Sport & Massage

100% Natural Magnesium Gel for magnesium replenishment with vitamin РР and camphor. Perfect for sport and massage. 53,5% of magnesium.
  • ALLEVIATES MAGNESIUM DEFICIT by superfast penetration of magnesium ions through skin into your body cells
  • ALLEVIATES MUSCLE SPASMS and restores after injuries
  • ACCELERATES METABOLISM on cell level and removes toxins

✓ Inspired by Magnesium  ✓ Made in Ukraine ✓ GMP Certified Production

150 ml

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Do you suffer from spasms and pain in muscles after an intense active day or workout? Do you feel constant fatigue and can’t fall asleep for a long time at night? One of the most probable reasons is magnesium deficiency. This mineral is responsible for muscle and nerve relaxation. And it is crucial for athletes. Since during physical activity magnesium is intensively removed from our body, the demand for increases significantly. The mineral helps to strengthen muscles and protect them from injuries. It promotes good metabolism and faster weight loss.  As a result, workout becomes more productive.

So how do you enrich your body with such a valuable micro-element? Simple and effective product is the special Magnesium Gel. Its formula combines natural magnesium with vitamin PP and camphor. Vitamin PP and camphor warm and intensify the muscle nutrition by improving blood flow. Magnesium ions penetrate skin during workout or massage. The powerful interaction of components provides quick warming and supplies muscles with energy before physical activity, and also replenishes magnesium losses afterwards. It has been proved that the transdermal (through skin) way of all others is the best and fastest way of penetration to muscles and joints and absorption by 100%.

By rubbing only 1 teaspoon of Magnesium Gel (325 pure magnesium ions) in your skin every day you cover your Recommended Daily Value of magnesium by 80%.

Benefits of Magnesium Gel in comparison with common magnesium additives:

  • 100% natural
  • full and fast assimilation
  • hypoallergic
  • the best way to adjust dosing – impossible to overdose

Interesting fact! Gel is easy to rub into skin, fast to soak in and perfect for massage, including anti-cellulite one.

Magnesium + Massage = Effect Beyond Compare

Magnesium Gel is the best way to replenish magnesium deficit in muscles and joints, raise fitness and fill your body with magnesium. Purchase magnesium gel and forget about fatigue, spasms or muscle pain!

  • Facts about Magnesium in Sport

    • Magnesium is necessary for energy exchange – it takes part in energy synthesis from glucose (Krebs cycle). Little magnesium – little energy.
    • Our body critically needs magnesium during stress, including stress before start.
    • The mineral is actively removed from our body during exercise due to increased sweating and muscle damage.
    • To achieve maximum physical activity and productive performance of muscle, nervous and cardiovascular systems, our body literally sucks out magnesium from joints and bones.
    • The best way to deliver magnesium directly to joints, bones and ligaments is transdermal, through skin. All you need is just apply magnesium-containing products on the necessary body parts
    • Transdermal magnesium therapy is the best way to restore quickly after sports-related injuries or intense exercise.

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To maintain the proper magnesium level, use gel every day in the morning and/or in the evening.

  • In Sport

    Maximum muscular contraction is directly proportional to magnesium content in blood serum. That is why it is important to additionally enrich the areas of increased exercise with magnesium. Apply before and after workout sessions.

    Apply a small amount of gel to necessary areas, rub intensively.

    A point to keep in mind is that the muscle endurance and general working efficiency are increased with the increasing of magnesium content in our body.

  • For Massage

    Apply a small amount of gel and massage problem areas.

    In 20-30 min most of the magnesium ions will penetrate your cells.

    In hot seasons wipe out the remainders of the product with a tissue or wash off with a special magnesium-containing body wash.

The feeling of slight tingling is a sign of mineral oil components active action!

For sensitive skin use Magnesium Lotion and Magnesium Flakes, as more gentle method of magnesium supplementation.

For external use only. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, wash them by water. If necessary, seek medical attention.

Ingredients (INCI): Magnesium Chloride, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Camphor, Abies Sibirica Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil.

Contains only natural components.
Free of preservative, coloring and flavoring agents.

Made in Ukraine


Дуже гарний гель! Він універсальний! Я користуюся ним і після занять спортом, і при болях в спині та колінах. Дуже ефективний, біль зникає швидко і відчуваю як легше стала себе почувати після тренувань. Гарно дякую вам!

Оксана (verified owner)

Несколько дней была сильная боль в икроножной мышце. 2 раза втирала гель и боль прошла. Сама не ожидала, класс


Гель покупался для себя – для спортивных целей, но больше подошел маме – для больных коленок. Вот прям на ноги ее опять поставил.


Использую просто при болях в спине, шее, пояснице и коленках. Желательно хорошо растереть.
Спасибо за приятный подарочек! )


Заказала для разогрева мышц перед тренировками. Работает хорошо, но немного щипет. Доставка быстрая.

Ира, Днепр

Пробовала наносить гель перед тренировкой под термо лосины, но тогда чувствую некий дискомфорт при тренировке. А вот после – само то) И мышцы расслабляет, и крепатуру немножко облегчает. Надеюсь что магний укрепит мои мышцы и поспособствует их росту ))

Олеся, г. Покров

Неплохо разогревает. Как по мне так и немножко расслабляет мышцы после интенсивных силовых тренировок в зале. Нормальная штука – можно брать!


Спасибо за оперативную доставку и приятный подарочек! Ванна с хлопьями была действительно релаксирующая!) Что касается спортивного геля: хорошо разогревает, экономный в использовании, заметно уменьшает болевые ощущения в мышцах после тренировки с большими весами.


Купила себе для занятий фитнесом. Наношу перед тренировкой на бедра. Через 2 недели кожа заметно подтянулась)) продолжаю)))

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