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Magnesium Flakes for Bathing

100% Pure Magnesium Flakes is the top product in terms of beneficial effect on our body. The best solution for kids & sensitive skin. 98,5% of Mg.
  • THE MOST GENTLE WAY to enrich your body with magnesium
  • HAS POWERFUL ANTISTRESS effect; relaxes on physiological and cell level
  • IMPROVES METABOLISM and removes toxins

✓ Inspired by Magnesium  ✓ Made in Ukraine ✓ GMP Certified Production

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Do you enjoy warm relaxing bath? Then Magnesium Flakes will definitely appeal to you. These are 100% natural mineral flakes for transdermal magnesium replenishment. It will make your skin beautiful; muscles, strong; nerves, steady.

Magnesium salt is something more than the usual bath salt. Thanks to pure magnesium ions, they have significant therapeutical effect on the whole body. Try them for:

  • Beautiful skin. Magnesium baths restore epidermis: heal small clefts and wounds, help in case of dermatitis and even psoriasis. You will feel the effect right after the first procedure.
  • Strong nerves and sweet dreams. It’s long since proved that mineral baths have powerful antistress effect. Most of those who tried this bathing noticed their sleep became better and deeper. This is a number one product to relax after a long day at work.
  • Healthy muscles and joints. Mg salt alleviates muscle tension and aches after intense physical activity and workout, relieves from delayed onset muscle soreness and give your body energy.
  • Detox effect for skin – magnesium improves metabolism and helps to remove toxins. That’s why baths with flakes will be perfect for those who want to rejuvenate skin and lose weight. Real spa detox at home.

Why namely Magnesium Flakes:

  • 100% natural ingredients – no coloring agents or fragrances, which means no allergies or irritation.
  • Gentle action – if magnesium oil or gel are applied directly on skin, the flakes are dissolved in water and act more delicately. They don’t have an irritating effect on skin and can be used for children and sensitive skin.
  • Fast magnesium replenishment – thanks to warm water the ions of the mineral penetrate skin even faster.

☛ Interesting fact: one single tablespoon of the flakes contains 2370 mg of pure magnesium ions that are quickly absorbed through skin.

Evening bath with Magnesium flakes will give you great relaxation for the whole body. This feeling can be compared to the session of good relaxing massage. This is rebirth for your skin and the best way to end your day.

Magnesium salt will make a great and pleasant gift for a special person. Or give it to yourself and join millions of happy peoples who already enjoy the magical effect of magnesium baths. Just try it.

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It’s better to use before sleep.

instruction table

For a better mood, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Magnesium "mantle" is formed on the skin after taking a bath that continues to feed and protect it for several hours.

Recommended 2-3 baths per week.

For skin moistening after the bath use Magnesium Lotion.
To provide a proper magnesium level in the body use Magnesium Oil.
For massage and sport use Magnesium Gel.

For external use only – diluted with water for bathing. In case of accidental contact with the eyes - wash them by water. If necessary, seek medical attention.


Ingredients (INCI): Magnesium Chloride.

Contains exclusively natural components.
Doesn’t contain preservatives, dyes, flavors.

Made in Ukraine


Покупала для лечения остехондроза, но восхищена немного другим эффектом. Кожа через 5-6 ванн стала таком нежной, и как по мне, даже более упругой. После полного курса спина тоже отпустила.


Впервые попробовала магниевую соль, когда муж привез из командировки с Лондона. Приятно удивлена, что такой продукт есть и у нас уже. Эффектом безумно довольна. Хоть и не дешево, но я себя люблю и иногда радую:)

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