Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RDI/RDA or how much magnesium do you need per day?

    The terms RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) /RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) mean our every day need in vitamins and other micronutrients. The daily allowance of magnesium is 320 mg for women and 420 mg for men. But during active growth, stress, decease or intensive physical activity our demand for this mineral increases drastically. For example, athletes need twice as much of this micronutrient.

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  • What food products are the richest in magnesium?

    The biggest content of magnesium is found in plant food. The main sources of this mineral are nuts, seeds and cereals. The leaders in magnesium content are rice bran, pumpkin and sesame seeds. These products must be included in your daily menu. But you also should take into account that magnesium is only assimilated with food by 50%.

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  • How to Determine Your Magnesium Level?

    MAGNESIUM is a microelement,
    which amount in the body is over 0.005% of body weight.

    Can you test magnesium deficiency with the help of blood analysis?

    99% of magnesium in the body is concentrated in the cells (70% is located in bones and cartilaginous tissue; 30% - in muscles and heart). Thus, blood plasma shows only 1% of magnesium ions. Magnesium level in serum can remain in the normal range even during the decrease in the accumulated amount of magnesium up to 20%! The decrease of magnesium level in blood (hypomagnesaemia) causes critical body condition which can lead to irreversible consequences. Our body protects this vitally important 1% as the apple of the eye. Therefore, blood test is not informative enough to test magnesium level.

    Magnesium level test is more reliable with checking erythrocytes, hair, and nails. The most comfortable, easy and the most credible way to determine magnesium level are analysis of your state of health and looking for symptoms which shows magnesium deficiency. You can do it fast and easy with the help of the specially designed test.

  • Which way of magnesium replenishment is better: transdermal or oral?

    The most effective way of magnesium enrichment is transdermal, that is through skin. For example, with relaxing baths or rubbing with oil or gel. This way the mineral quickly penetrates your skin and assimilates by 100%, bypassing gastrointestinal tract and consequently not causing any laxative effect. But if you administer magnesium orally, it will assimilate by 60% tops.

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  • When is it better to administer magnesium orally?

    Though the oral way of magnesium replenishment is worse than transdermal in quickness of action and efficiency, sometimes it will be better to use. For example, to strengthen immune system or in case of cardio-vascular deceases.

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  • How to raise the magnesium assimilation level through skin?

    To make magnesium assimilation quicker and more efficient, you just need to choose the right place to apply it. Most doctors agree that the feet skin is perfect for that, since it has good blood supply and a great number of sweat glands. Massage and warm water (during baths and shower) also help in magnesium assimilation.

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  • Are There Any Contraindications for MG Products Usage?

    Avoid contacts of magnesium products with mucous membranes of the skin, eyes, and nose because it can cause an irritation.

    According to some resources, application of magnesium products onto the damaged areas of the skin and wounds has powerful therapeutic effect. Regardless, high concentrate of salts can lead to quite discomfort sensations. If you have dry, sensitive or damaged skin, our specialists highly recommend you to start with magnesium baths. In a such a way, your skin will have time to rejuvenate and it will become less sensitive to high concentrate of magnesium ions in Mg Oil or Gel.

    There are some contraindications: don’t apply magnesium products during acute illnesses and oncological pathologies. Don’t take magnesium products inside during diseases of the digestive system in acute form.

  • Can MG Magnesium Products be Used During Pregnancy?

    You don't only can do it, you must. The need in magnesium grows higher during pregnancy.

    Throughout the pregnancy, maximum benefit of magnesium products is as important as their safety. From this point of view, Magnesium Goods products meet all the requirements.

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  • Can Kids Use MG Magnesium Products?

    For sure! The favorite choice of kids and their parents, magnesium baths with Magnesium Flakes can be used for children from the age of 6 months. Baths are not only safe, they have high therapeutic effects, and such baths can calm down even the most hyperactive babies.

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  • I am an athlete. What is the best product for me?

    For athletes it is crucial to enrich muscles and joints with magnesium because this mineral is actively removed from our body during exercise due to increased sweating and muscle damage. The perfect way for you to enrich your body with magnesium is gel or oil. They act locally at the exact body parts you need them too, so they give quicker and more evident effect at the right places. The gel warms muscles and prepares them for physical activity. And receiving a massage with magnesium oil or taking a bath with cereals give you not only relaxation, but also whole body restoration. Besides, transdermally administered magnesium has powerful detox effect, prevents muscle cramps and improves metabolism.

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  • Why there is tingling feeling after applying Magnesuim Oil or Gel?

    Some people, especially those with sensitive or dry skin, feel tingling and rarely irritation during application of magnesium oil or magnesium gel. It is absolutely ordinary reaction of the body. The reason for that is high concentration of natural magnesium chloride. Feelings can vary based on several causes: the amount of magnesium oil which was put on, site of application, or condition of the skin.

    Many of those who experienced tingly feelings claim that such sensations are reduced with continuous application of magnesium oil. It is explained with rejuvenation of protective functions of skin and its integrity.

    People who have oversensitive or damaged skin are recommended to use milder methods of transdermal magnesium saturation. Usually, there are general and local baths for feet with Magnesium Flakes and moisturizing with specially designed cream for sensitive and baby skin – Magnesium Lotion.

  • Should I wash off magnesium oil/gel after putting it on the skin?

    This is a matter of personal preferences. Majority of magnesium ions are absorbed during 20-30 minutes after application on the skin. Therefore, you can easily wash off or wipe out leftovers if you feel the need for that.

    Keep it in mind: the more magnesium oil is put on, the more probability you will want to wash it off. Our professional recommendation is to distribute leftovers to the other part of your body.

  • Is it possible to give magnesium supplements to animals and pets?

    Magnesium is as much important for animals as for humans.

    Veterinary clinics all over the world use magnesium products for effective solving of a range of issues, starting with care for skin and hair and ending with anti-mastitis products and products for joint strengthening.

    For this purpose Ekobiz made a line of zoo-cosmetology products and food additives on the basis of magnesium mineral complex from VETBALZAM.