Project Magnesium Goods: # Inspired by Magnesium # Produced in Ukraine

Hello, everyone!

We are the project Magnesium Goods, an experienced proactive team of managers, developers, experts and technologists.

Just like you, we:

Фото коллектива компании Экобиз, Magnesium Goods

  • strive to fulfill our goals and projects, fitting into deadlines;
  • “digest” and remember a lot of information in one day;
  • engaged in sports and want to achieve the best result in a certain amount of time;
  • are subject to constant stresses and try very hard not to be at their mercy, properly reacting to “irritants”;
  • take care of ourselves with the most gentle and simple methods, which do not take much time and money;
  • help our family and friends and, of course, our children, to be healthier and happier.

That’s why, we have created a totally safe, pleasant and effective way that helps to fulfill these tasks. We just added magnesium to our life in the form of the Magnesium Goods)

Our goal: make your life better in an easy and simple way that helped us.

A few facts about Ekobiz:

  • more than 20 years of experience in research and development in the field of medical and cosmetic products
  • our own production facilities (we do not order the products from another company, we produce them ourselves, and take 100% responsibility for them)
  • one of the few Ukrainian companies that have passed the international GMP certification, which ensures the quality of manufacturing and storage

And most importantly, we are confident in and proud of WHAT WE CREATE



Ekobiz is an expert in the production of magnesium containing products